Site Cleaning

After years of letting this site just sit around, I found some time to clean up. Things like removing plug-ins that are no longer useful.  Some were just causing my site to crash and it was time to switch to a new one. I ended up installing Google’s Site Kit to make it easier to manage my analytics. No need to shame the old plug-in, it was one of those freemium ones I randomly picked and dropped when I realized Google had their own plug-in.

Updating links that have died for one reason or another. I found that a little bit sad, as some have killed their self-hosted sites for things like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I sort of get it, managing your own web site needs a level of technical competence that’s a continuous learning curve. And of course, if you do private hosting and a personal domain name, cost. But I still enjoy being able to say I have full control of my stuff. I learned my lesson with really old free sites I used in the 1990s, I no longer have access to the old things I wrote. I don’t even have copies anymore. Which is sad. But makes me take the effort to just keep this site for as long as I can.

I also had to remove the links to my column at ManilaSpeak, the site died and I still have the original recipes, so I’ll be getting them into the site eventually.

I have time again to use for the web site, so there will be more updates soon.