Butterfly Wallet


This is what is usually in my wallet.

I was getting tired of the lump in my back pocket caused by all my stuff and the wallet and decided to give a minimalist one a try. Of the ones I saw online, the most interesting was the Butterfly Wallet. They come in black, blue, lime green, sky blue and violet. I chose lime green so it would be easier to see and didn’t think it would attract too much dirt.

Ordering online is easy and no fuss. The wallet cost $12.50, with shipping included. How can you go wrong? The shipping is pretty quick to the Phillipines. Less than two weeks and arrives in a standard airmail envelope. It’s that thin!


This is the wallet in its packaging and compared to my original wallet. Very thin and sleek.


The Butterfly Wallet filled with my stuff is about as thin as my original wallet empty

Based on the website where I bought it from, it’s made from ripstop nylon.

Does this wallet deliver on what it says? You bet it does. It’s very handy to carry or pocket. Putting it in your back pocket makes you think you don’t have your wallet with you. It’s that compact. I’ve taken to putting my wallet in my front pocket so that I know it’s there. Although I haven’t washed it yet in the nine months I’ve been using it, I do suspect it will be easy to wash and dry.

What do I not like about it? Well, the first few times I’ve pulled it out of my pocket and it was upside down, the cards fell out when I was opening it. That was a hassle, though you quickly learn to always hold your wallet in the upright position. Strangely enough, it’s better to put more cards in it than less. The cards act like tent poles, and the friction of several cards in every pocket means they won’t fall out as easily.

After nine months of using it, I’ve never switched back to any other wallet. It is by far, the lightest wallet I’ve used.