iamdiva’s Weekly Challenge #167: DuoTangle Well/Punzel

I popped a new sketchbook yesterday, so I only had time to make Laura Harms’ weekly challenge today. It’s a Deko Sketchbook with 140g/m² paper from Hahnemühle Fineart in natural white. It’s heavier and stiffer than my last sketchbook, so the feel is definitely different. It takes ink well, though it’s really supposed to be for pencil and charcoal.

Weekly-Challenge-167- DuoTangle-Well-Punzel

I’m not a big fan of grids, as don’t like having to bring out a ruler to do Zentangles. The Well tangle instructions show that an even grid gives it better form. I dislike the grid visibility when you do the grid in ink, so I decided to use a pencil for the grid. My usual way of dealing with making a grid is to mark the corners with ink, but for this one it would have been too confusing to keep track. After laying out the grid, I positioned the Punzel tangles, then filled the background with Well. The spaces looked confusing so I decided to fill the rest of the background in black using my Kuretake Sable Hair Brush Pen filled with Noodler’s Heart of Darkness.