joey’s weekly tangle challenge #8: teeny tiny tangles

Joey’s challenge this week is to make a tangle on a 2-inch square card and must illustrate or include something tiny.


 I usually make my tangles in a sketchbook, and was unwilling to cut the paper to size. So instead, I laid out a 2-inch square (5.08 cm) border and drew inside it. I was looking for tiny things to draw, and came across the Nikon MicroscopyU Small World Competition results for 2009. Now those are definitely small things!

What I chose was the pluteus larva from the sea biscuit Clypeaster subdepressus photo of Mr. Bruno Vellutini, which won 5th place to use as a reference for the tangle.

The lines were done using 0.1mm Staedtler tech pen and a Staedtler HB clutch pencil for the shading.