madebyjoey’s Zentangle Weekly Challenge #7 Emphasising The String

madebyjoey has a weekly Zentangle challenge up too, so I decided to try it.

This week’s challenge is to highlight the “string” used in the Zentangle.


In Zentangle, a “string” is a guideline. It is usually made in pencil prior to inking a work. For those who don’t have a pencil on hand, they will usually ink the string directly and work it into their tangle. When a string is done in pencil, it usually fades into the design. This challenge is to highlight the string.

To highlight the string I used, I decided to bring out my Kaweco AL Sport with Noodler’s Baystate Blue. The black lines were done with Tachikawa School G Pen for Manga and Staeddtler 1.0 tech pen. The blue highlights were done with a Pilot Petit3 Mini Fude Brush Pen – Clear Blue.